We are creating new microelectronics ventures that help blue chip companies into new markets where the keys to being first rely on innovation in microelectronics.
We are an independent company, owned by our management team who have the experience of incorporating and leading new semiconductor companies onto the LSE, NASDAQ and NYSE. These companies generated revenues of more than $20 billion in 2011.
Through the support of our risk sharing industrial and financial partners, our mission is to help our new ventures by sharing our experiences, providing access to our networks and by attracting, ‘star teams’ that have the promise to own more of the value chain.
Our Journey
The founders of EMAnetworks played an essential role alongside a group of semiconductor start-up companies in the UK that grew-up to become the biggest cluster in Europe. Following this success the founders launched Cre8Ventures™, which delivered an ROI of 12 for its parents, Mentor Graphics. The initiative provided a unique, million-dollar risk sharing business model, access to an industry, Serial Entrepreneur syndicate and help with the route-to-funding and route-to-market. Cre8Ventures™ started in the the UK and grew to mainland Europe and India.
EMAnetworks (Cre8Ventures™2.0) was incorporated in response to the early stage investment gap that opened-up for semiconductor start-up companies.
An EMAnetworks New Venture: ContinuumBridge
Our first New Venture was incorporated in February 2012. ContinuumBridge is enabling the connected home by being highly capital efficient, owning more of the value chain and monetizing the silicon through a consumption based business model.






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